The Dirtbag Chronicles | When to Let Go

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The easy answer for those who are short on time: A few months after you first think you should.

Letting go of things can be hard, especially as a dirtbag. Having a pair of $10 sunnies for 3 years is a pretty serious point of pride. Beyond pride is the obvious attachment we, as dirtbags, have to our very few belongings. On the same note, since dirtbags have so few belongings it is absolutely crucial that we get every last mile out of our items. From here I’ll share a story of my flip flops.

I was shooting at an outdoor festival last year, far out from the center of the happenings. The mountain bikers we’re slogging through a very muddy downhill race course. I, naturally, was on the job in my flip flops. As I packed up  my gear to head on to the next event a patch of mud got me. That death snap popped and there I was, in the middle of a day of work, with a blown out flip flop. In this case my hands were tied. I had to go buy a new pair. This lead to a hurried purchase of $20 teva mush flops.

Mush’s are amazingly comfortable, but they are far from a shit kicking do it all flip flop. I felt their time in my world would be short. Fast forward 10 months of nearly daily wear, and myself and my deflated teva mush flops were in South America when I suffered a deadly blow out. Being not in a pinch this time I repaired them with electrical tape and kept on going. They have been going for over a month taped together, however now a hole has worn through the bottom and I am all but walking around with a small piece of cloth around my foot. I realize, that now, it is time to let go.

While there is no direct science on when you should let go, it’s a feeling, all part of being in tune with yourself as a dirtbag. I have found that typically items can last many months past your initial “maybe I need a new one of these things” with some crafty engineering which almost always includes some sort of tape.

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  1. I’m a little disappointed in you, Sam. Your repair skills are only limited to tape? It is time to branch out into bailing wire and varieties of twine and rope.

    • Hard to poach twine and bailing wire from your friends, tape is much easier to steal w/o asking.

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