The Dirtbag Chronicles: International Travel Essentials

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Being an international dirtbag can bring extra challenge to living the dirt life. You have the added cost of plane tickets, bus rides, possible gear rentals, etc. For most the international escape brings us to foreign lands with lower food cost and generally lower cost of living (another great reason to travel as a dirtbag.) Generally speaking, packing less means more in a quest for dirt-dom, but there are a few essentials that make life in foreign lands more comfortable for the cheap ass traveler.

1. A BLACK towel.

This may a point of conention for some. Really, a towel? Why wouldn’t you just air dry or use a t-shirt. Well, speaking from experience, a hoody makes a terrible towel AND it renders said hoodie too smelly to wear after. It’s a lose-lose situation. Drip drying is a great option if you’re somewhere where you are free to hangout in your birthday suit for a bit while you dry off. If anyone knows of a place like that let me know so I don’t go. ever. So, why black? The towel is easily the trickiest thing to travel with if you’re on the move constantly. It needs drying time after use. It’s dries you after a most likely cold and fruitless cleaning effort. They get dirty. Really dirty. The black is a clutch element in hiding this dirt so you are blind to how gross your towel actually is.

2. Good tape.

Finding good duct tape in most foreign countries is next to impossible. Gorilla tape is worth more than gold typically. The vast array of uses for tape is another article entirely, but it can fix almost anything. I was once in China and suffered a catastrophic flip-flop blow out. Since I don’t travel with enough socks to wear shoes all the time I simply reconstructed my flip flop with my spare high quality tape and carried on. This success story is only one of many. A side note: hide your tape. If other dirtbags find out you have it you will quickly be robbed blind of your precious resource.

3. Power Strip

Weird, right? When a group of dirtbags descends on some unfortunate internet cafe/coffee shop to camp out and facebook/look at go pro footage for hours without purchasing a single item outlets become an extreme premium. The power strip will make you the most popular dude in the place since most everyone probably forgot their power inverter. Who knows, you may even score a free coffee from someone looking for an outlet.

I would never leave home to another country without these clutch items. They’ll make your life abroad smoother and happier. Heck, they may even score you a giant perk along the way (like I said, good tape is worth more than gold.) Happy travels, stay dirty.

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