The Dirtbag Chronicles | When to Let Go

Knowing when to let go can be tough. Sometimes you just have to do it.

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The Dirtbag Chronicles: International Travel Essentials

Being an international dirtbag can bring extra challenge to living the dirt life.

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The Dirtbag Chronicles | Top Dirtbag Vehicles

I prefer to think of my vehicle more like a mobile living unit (MLU) in which I should be able to survive a minimum of 3 days out of at any given moment.

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The Dirtbag Chronicles | The Paco Pad

There are a few pieces of gear on this world that fully embody what it is to be a dirtbag. High atop that list is the paco pad. I can see many folks scratching their head thinking that the paco pad is a very luxurious …

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Dirtbag Chronicles: Laundry

In general, it’s overrated. True dirtbags pretty rarely do this elusive laundry thing. But there comes a time and a place where you reach peak grunge and must cave and wash your clothes. To further your laundry events stick to a few easy principles:

Wear …

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The Dirtbag Chronicles | The World’s Most Essential Tool


There is one tool that is totally essential for being a dirtbag. Showering can be put off for days or even weeks depending the level of your dirtbagness and how much you want chicks to avoid you. Laundry is still the most overrated thing since sliced …

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Dirtbag Chronicles: A Guide To Beverages

One sure fire way to spot a dirtbag is by their personal beverage choice. It is also a good way to spot one’s true commitment to being a dirtbag. Here’s a good way to keep things in perspective.


PBR | The Standard
It’s like wearing brown, or jeans, …

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The Making of The Dagger Jitsu

We caught up with Dagger’s designer, Mark “Snowy” Robertson, to get the inside scoop on the new Dagger Jitsu. Here’s the story behind Dagger’s new freestyle boat, just in time for team trials this April.

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Astral Brewer Review


Admittedly¬†I was pretty excited when I heard Astral would be releasing a shoe in 2012. I kept hearing rumors of this shoe throughout the spring. I finally laid eyes on the alluded to shoe this summer in Idaho. Chris Gragtmans was wearing his prototype pair at …

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2012 Green Race Predictions

Well, it’s that time of year again. Racers have been signing up to strut their stuff on the world famous Green River Narrows. The 2011 race boasted the most racers the Green has ever seen, and along with that, an all time amount of carnage. The 2012 race is the final stage of the …

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