The Dirtbag Chronicles

A wise person once said “Dirtbaggin’ ain’t easy.”… I think? Maybe they were actually talking about pimpin’. Which is easy. For that matter, dirtbagging comes pretty easy for some people. In fact, being clean is a personal challenge for myself. I digress.

Dirtbagging is a skill. Like other skills it takes time, patience, and persistence to hone. It is here that we start a new chapter of our website, The Dirtbag Chronicles. We will use it as a guide to help in the journey of spending less, owning less, being dirtier, and pursuing a lifestyle so few seek. Enjoy.


International Travel Essentials

Being an international dirtbag can bring extra challenge to living the dirt life. Read more….

The Paco Pad

A dirtbag needs to be ready to sleep in all terrain zones, and one piece of gear allows you do to that effortlessly. Read more…

When To Let Go

Knowing when to let go can be tough. Sometimes you just have to do it. Read more…

The Dirtbag’s Guide to Beverages

It’s a jungle out there, and beer is the first thing people notice when you’re kickin’ it at the take out. Don’t get caught with your pants down on beer choices. Read more…

The World’s Most Essential Tool

Some cleanliness is key. Brushing your teeth is the single most important thing you can do to stay at an acceptable level of clean, even in your dirtiest moments. Read more…

Dirtbag’s Guide to Laundering

Generally, laundry is lame. Unfortuantely though it’s unavoidable. Take a gander to see how often you should give your threads a wash. Read more…

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